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- Please if you're not coming to class, the deadline to send me your answers of the exam to my email will be next Monday 17th December.


1. Strengthening your loving relationship (CLM June 2015)
2. Top 10 iconic travel experiences (CLM September 2016)

1. Motivation at work (CLM June 2016)
2. Book reviews (Galicia 2009.Task 1)


1. Producción escrita (120-140 words)

Option A: A story (CLM September 2017)
Write an Internet post for a storytelling blog. This week’s topic is: “I’ll never forget that time when I won …”. Write your story.
You must include, at least, two of the following points:
● Was winning the product of hard work or was it unexpected?
●People involved: did you need any help? Did you win by yourself?
● Feelings: before, during and after winning.
● Effects: did winning have any impact on you in the following days / weeks / years ... ?

Option B: An unforgettable celebration (CLM June 2015)

"AN UNFORGETTABLE CELEBRATION" You are invited to write for a blog called "Style Me". The topic
for your story will be "A celebration I will never forget."
You must write at least about two of the following ideas:
• The event: a wedding, anniversary, birthday, graduation ...
• Description of the event and how it was organised.
• The people that joined you in the celebration.
• Reasons (good or bad) why you will always remember it.

2. Interacción escrita (60-70 words)

Your Irish friend Anna, has written you an email to hear from you. Send her an email back explaining you haven’t been feeling well due to your health. Also, say what you’ve been doing recently. Include, at least, two of the following points:

●your health problems
●your recent activities
●your future plans
●some good news about you

From: Anna (
Subject: News!

Hi Sue,

Sorry that I haven’t been in touch for a while, but I’ve been ill. I got flu last week, so I’ve been in bed for four days. As I’m feeling better today, I’ve been catching up on my emails. What about you?

My classes at university don’t start till next week. And my brother Ian has just started his new job in a software company.

I have some good news! I’m going to a conference in your town in May! Could you recommend me a place where to stay? Do you think you’ll be able to show me around?

Hope to heat from you soon!
Take care,

Monday, December 3, 2018


This information has been taken from Cristina Cabal's blog. Find info HERE

The mediator acts as a facilitator in a social event during which two or more parties interacting are experiencing a communication breakdown or when there is a communication gap between them.
 What is a mediator and what does he do?

VIDEO (1’28’’)

¿Que es un mediador?
-El mediador es aquel que hace de intermediario entre interlocutores que no pueden comprenderse de forma directa, normalmente entre hablantes de distintas lenguas.
-La mediación puede ser oral o escrita y puede ser interlingüística o intralingüística.
-Nosotros nos referiremos a la interlingüística, es decir, pasar de L1 a L2, de tu idioma materno a otro idioma.
-No se puede ni debe confundir mediación con traducción. La medicación no es la traducción o transferencia exacta de un texto original.
-El mediador selecciona la información importante para el contexto en que se encuentra y recodifica el mensaje en L2.
-Por tanto el mediador:
1. decodifica el mensaje
2. simplifica, resume, explica, aclara el mensaje
3. recodifica el mensaje en L2
4. transforma la información
5. verbaliza el mensaje

-Imagínate que vais a un restaurante y tu amigo, que es inglés y no entiende español, es vegetariano. En el menú hay varias opciones para él. Explícale que opciones tiene.

-Trabajas en UK y tu jefe va a viajar a tu país. Te enseña un artículo que da consejos sobre que hacer antes de emprender el viaje. Te pide que le envíes un email contándole que debe tener en cuenta.

NOTE: These activities will be in Spanish. Students will need to act as mediators in an oral interlinguistic mediation activity. Students are going to take the role of mediators and use a source text in Spanish and relay the selected information to an English speaker, who does not understand Spanish. These two tasks are about ONLINE SHOPPING.


Saturday, December 1, 2018



Warrior Scarlet was her favourite book when she was a child. Her mother read Little House on the Prairie to her brother. Her father read Mouse House to her when she was a child. Northern Lights is a classic book by Philip Pullman, who is her favourite children’s writer.

1 F (She reads it once a year.)
2 T
3 F (She doesn’t think her mother read to her and can only remember her father reading one book to her aloud.)
4 F (He loved reading aloud and was very happy to do it when he came home from work.)
5 T

1 C 2 A 3 B
1 finding the right book
2 often
3 should
4 children, parents
5 shouldn’t

1 both 2 no 3 yes

1 She is referring to paper books and e-books.
2 When television first started, people said that children would stop reading and watch TV.
3 reading and listening to music at the same time
4 It’s harder to find time to get absorbed in a book as you always have other things you have to do.
5 She means that you suddenly get a feeling that you must know how the story finishes and that you will carry on reading until you do.

2 actually 4 all right 6 you know 3 I mean 5 sort of

Northern Lights: L
The Famous Five: C
The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe: S
Dear Zoo: C
The Roald Dahl books: L

Lucy had favourite authors rather than favourite books.
Sean heard his favourite book before reading it.
Lucy identified with a particular situation rather than specific characters.
Sean identified with naughty children in general.
Charlie liked a book because it was about something she wasn’t allowed to have.
Lucy liked an author’s books especially because of the pictures in them.

1 I liked the fact that the boy got lots of different animals through the post...
2 …she was like a tomboy, so I quite liked the idea of being quite adventurous…
3 I remember we had a teacher at school who read it aloud to us...
4 …so whenever there was a boy who got into lots of trouble...
5 ...I loved because it just offered a really detailed other world, to just dive into..


Sts should have ticked: 1, 3, 4, 6, 7, 9, and 10.
1 He asks some general questions about their journey to the interview, the weather, or if they have been to Oxford before.
2 He asks some general questions about the candidate, their CV, their background.
3 information which shows how the candidate meets the criteria for the post, including specific skills and experience they have that is relevant

One candidate thought they were being interviewed for a very different job. One candidate started eating a chocolate bar during the interview. One candidate arrived in their tennis clothes.

1 He could have stopped the interview or carried on.
2 She was diabetic and needed to eat something to calm down.
3 clothes that are appropriate for the role that they are applying for
4 He had forgotten that he had the interview and had come directly from the tennis court in his tennis clothes. He didn’t get the job.

1 How would you describe Facebook to your grandmother?
2 Would you rather fight a horse-sized duck or a hundred
duck-sized horses?

1 T
2 F (‘It’s not something that I have direct experience of…’)
3 T
4 F (It was to see if candidates had the ability to multitask.)
5 F (He would have had to have asked for the question to
be repeated and he probably wouldn’t have been able to
answer immediately.)
6 T


1’re also looking for them to demonstrate experience
relevant to the position.
2 During an interview, once it has commenced, I will always
try to start the interview with some general questions…
3 First thing is obviously making mistakes on their
application, um, that’s always viewed negatively…
4 …but again during the interview when she hadn’t
announced that’s why she was doing it, it was a bit of a
5 …you would expect, expect to see appropriate footwear
and the same for a, a lady as well…
6 It’s not something that I have direct experience of, but I am
aware of some of the techniques that they use…
7 ...I’m not even sure if I would have been able to give an
immediate response

Three people got the job (Jo, Ivan, and Yasuko)

Joost didn’t get the job because of his age.
Ivan had his interview the most recently.
Jo prepared for the interview by assessing how suitable
she was for the job.
Jeanine took some medicine to help make her feel less
Yasuko tried to find out what the company believed in.

1 I just practised every question that they could ask me in my head.
2 …and then tried to match my experience to the various different points on the job interview…
3 I think it went well because they followed up with an email.
4 …their philosophy, the history, and the background of the company.
5 In the end they said I was too young, so they didn’t hire me.